about us

Hi there! We are a mother-daughter duo located in Long Beach, CA & are saved by the sweet grace of Jesus Christ. Together, we find the most joy in creating pretty accessories & we are so glad to be able to share them with you all.

Beverly has run Heartstrands for over 20+ years and in 2020, Beverly and Madeline decided to join forces to redefine and reintroduce Heartstrands! We were inspired to recreate and revamp HeartStrands during quarantine. We thought others could benefit from wearing and gifting words of encouragement through our custom word bracelets. From there, we continue to expand with new pieces and we are excited that we are still growing and evolving as a business.

We are strong believers in giving back to our community. We do so by giving 10% of all earnings each month to a different charity or individual who could use it! That being said, when you support HeartStrands, you are not only supporting small businesses, but you are also giving back to those in need.

We strive to offer good quality at an affordable price and we hope you adore our accessories!